Energy Independence

Our nation is closer than ever to ending dependence on foreign oil, largely due to renewed investment and activity in Oklahoma and across the nation. The two time recipient of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA) Legislator of the Year Award, Cliff Branan is widely known for supporting energy exploration and production in Oklahoma. Branan has also supported free-market approaches to expanding production of renewable energy as a way to gain energy independence.

Creating Jobs Through Decreased Regulation and Investment in Infrastructure

These two seemingly unrelated issues really do go hand in hand. and Cliff Branan understands that. For Oklahoma to garner the investment we need to create good-paying jobs, we must give entrepreneurs a positive business environment. That includes investment in infrastructure like our state highways and county roads, an issue Branan championed when he chaired the State Senate Transportation Committee.

Promoting Affordable Energy

A key part of helping Oklahoma thrive is to continue to be a low-cost energy state. This does not happen by accident. We have to continue to have a diversified energy portfolio, fight back against unnecessary federal regulations and make certain our investment in energy benefits Oklahoma rate-payers.

States’ Rights

Cliff Branan has demonstrated his commitment to stop the EPA and other federal bureaucracies from encroaching on Oklahoma’s rights. Regional haze, farm dust, and other regulations disguising liberal agendas must be stopped.

Keeping up with Technology

Urban and rural Oklahoma both require continual updates to technology, and that requires an environment in which telecommunication and technology companies want to invest resources and build facilities. Oklahoma has done a good job of balancing the needs of universal coverage while also encouraging advances. We must continue to make Oklahoma a first choice for investment in new technologies.

Leadership that’s been recognized